Class system & progression

When you start a new game in Lords of Xulima, you will have the opportunity to create 5 companions and customize their starting assets. Each class excels at different roles and through the level-up system, they can be enhanced in the direction you like:

  • Soldiers can skillfully wield large weapons, or put on a shield and defend the party with stunning hits and crippling blows.
  • Thieves can be effective combatants who rely on bleed effects and speed, or better suited at spotting and disarming deadly traps.
  • Bards can learn a wide array of mesmerizing battle songs, or master the arts of identifying and selling magical items.
  • Magi can focus on destructive elemental power, or manipulate the flow of battle with freezing spells.
  • And so on for each of the 10 classes.

As you progress through the world of Xulima, your characters will gain new skill choices as well, many of which can give you an edge in certain difficult encounters.  Because of this, acquiring experience and gold remains relevant throughout the entire game, and completing your mission has an element of strategy to it.

The protagonist of this story is an Explorer, a Divine Realm class well-versed in directing a group through savage lands and finding food or shelter in the wilds.

The Realm of Mentalism

Human beings who have honed their will and resilience beyond a certain point can enhance their combat prowess (or impose their will) in unsuspected ways. They believe in survival of the fittest, and live to defy the limits of their mortal bodies, and inspire others through their outstanding feats.

Class_FighterAn expert in all manners of weapons and group tactics, the soldier is trained to wear heavy armor and gain the upper hand in physical combat.

 Sample skills: Wounding Strike,  Weapon Master, Tactics

Class_BarbarianImmovable and fierce, Barbarians wield their rage like a weapon and draw on their spiritual beliefs to withstand inhuman amounts of punishment.

 Sample skills: Rage, Bodybuilding, Immunity

Class_BardMusician and troubadour, the bard can perform inspiring melodies and alluring lullabies which are profound enough to sway entire groups.

 Sample skills: Song of Spirit, Requiem, Mercantilism

The Realm of Energy

There is a primal form of energy in the world which governs everything; only the cunning can understand how to bend and shape this force. Those who understand those concepts gain control over the elements, and can even sense or manipulate certain devices.

Class_MageErudite and wise, the Mage has extensively studied the laws which govern each elemental domain, and can draw upon them to scorch the battlefield.

 Sample skills: Icy Touch, Meditation, Object Idendification

Class_ArcaneSoldierDecades of battle experience have taught the arcane soldier how to refine his art, culminating into the ability to wield powerful enchantments.

Sample skills: Flaming Strike, Learning

Class_ThiefEver astute, fast and perceptive. The thief can bypass any lock and disarm any trap.  He knows all the tricks in the book.

Sample skills: Quick Strike, Fast Reflexes, Disarm Traps

The Realm of Divinity

The Creators bestow a small portion of their power to those who commune with them.  These devoted souls receive special gifts and divine powers so that they may serve a higher purpose.


The Explorer is a seasoned traveler and a peerless leader. Tracking creatures lying in ambush and spotting hidden items are well within his talents.

 Sample skills: Envenomed Strike, Camouflage, Hunting

Class_PaladinPaladins are champions who live by an oath. By performing their duties with devotion, they prove themselves worthy of wielding divine powers.

 Sample skills: Stunning Strike, Aura of Healing

Class_ClericExceptionally pious priests enjoy a constant communion with the Gods, creating a connection through which much of their powers can be channeled.

 Sample skills: Regeneration, Cure Wounds, Divine Armor

Divine Summoner

The tenth class was funded on Kickstarter and is the Divine Summoner, who can summon Heralds of the Gods to assist the party. As he gains levels, new Heralds can be summoned and improved (one for each Lord of Xulima, with the exception of the Guardian of Souls). However, each summon takes up a slot on the party grid, and the Summoner himself is quite frail in combat. In addition, the art of summoning is also very taxing on the caster’s reserves of magical power.

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