Combat, Creatures & Gear

Engage in combat against more than 100 different enemies, from critters and askary to powerful titans and demigods. Each creature is designed to be unique, battle with their very own skills, and no 2 encounters are the same. Combat in Lords of Xulima is turn-based and lets you know the order in which everybody will act, so you can take all the time you need to develop the most effective strategies and overcome foes which are sure to test your mettle.

Combat Features

  • Dynamic combat pace & interface, in a turn-based environment.
  • Various special attacks and weapon properties which can turn the tides of battle in either side’s favor, such as heavy stunning blows, debilitating dagger strikes or certain Spells which modify the turn order.
  • Position your characters on a combat grid to decide which foe they can attack and receive attacks from. You can change your formation during combat, allowing for all sorts of tactics and making for eventful battles.


  • 18 different classes of weapons, each with diverse properties and strenghts that can fit your favorite playstyle and combat tactics.
  • 20 possible “qualities” for every type of weapon; plenty of room to upgrade your party’s effectiveness for the adventure.
  • More than 100 types of weapon enchantments/properties to customize your equipment even further;  Vampirism, Poison & more!
  • Combine all those weapon properties with the special skillsets of your companions for even more possibilities!


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  • On January 27, 2013
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