Development inches towards beta

It’s been awhile since we shared any news with all of you, but we hope that it was well worth the wait.

We wanted to release Lords of Xulima a little sooner, but are making sure everything is polished first.


The Development

A lot of the content is completed, but we still have some things yet to wrap up.

Here are a few things we have completed:

  • The four main story arcs
  • The game’s final cut-scenes
  • All the maps, which includes 15 distinct regions, 5 villages, and 30 dungeons
  • The Cursed Hounds
  • The Hall of Heroes
  • Sailing to Varas Talak

What we are still working on:

  • Balancing game mechanics, including combat, abilities, and classes
  • Placing enemies on maps (guardians) and designing random encounters.
  • Testing and translation

Both the completed and yet to be completed lists are longer, but this gives you an idea on where we are in the development stages.

Furthering our progress means that we are just that much closer to beta.


The Beta

We can’t believe it’s coming to that time to share the beta with many of you, and we couldn’t be more excited.  We expect the beta to be completed at the end of March 2014.  The beta access is given to our previous backers that pledged at the beta level.

And with beta completion, that could mean just one more step…


The Release

As long as there are not too many bugs or major issues in the beta, we plan on releasing Lords of Xulima a month later, which would put us at around the end of April 2014.

However, with any development of this caliber, it is better to push things back a few months just to ensure the game releases at a level of quality and polish we can be proud of.  As gamers as well, we wanted to give you a player experience that reflects the kind of game we would want to play too.

The good news is, the development is progressing at a steady rate and we are coming close to the finish line.

Don’t forget, Lords of Xulima will also release on Steam as it was already Greenlit by the community.

The Lords of Xulima

Have you wondered yet who the Lords of Xulima are?  These 9 gods, each rule over different elements of the earth, the creatures, and aspects of life.  Which of the gods will your customized characters worship?










We are always interested in what you think. 

Feel free to leave a comment or send us an email at

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  • On February 20, 2014
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Wow !!! Thanks for the news !! Everything looks wonderful. Taliet will be me Goddess I am sure ;-) Any help with French translation, just PM me ;-) Take care
Cool! I really like Yul, and Golot's concept makes me want to find out more about him. He has that "I'm hiding something" impression going :P I think the Gods with "distinct" equipment or weapons stand out quite a bit (Febret, Golot, Yul and maybe Alnaet.) The rest seem a little "plain" to me. I could easily see Kersket with a giant Hammer, while Taliet would look good with Chakrams. The news articles seem to be getting more and more interesting, by the way. Keep it up!

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