Lords of Xulima Now Available on GOG

Lords of Xulima GOG

We are proud to announce that Lords of Xulima is now available on GOG.com. Finally, gamers will be able to play the DRM-free version of Lords of Xulima. To celebrate the launch, Lords of Xulima will be discounted by 30% for a week on GOG.

It is available on Windows and MacOSX.  Players can also purchase the Deluxe Edition that includes the Talisman of Golot DLC, the “Bestiary & Mythology of Xulima” book, the Game Guide “Secrets of Xulima“, the World Map HD and the amazing soundtrack.

Regular Version on GOG

Deluxe Edition on GOG

In just a few weeks to follow, the Linux version will be available. We are starting the testing and will use the Steam platform for this. When the testing is finished, we will launch it on Steam and GOG at the same time.

Lords of Xulima Linux


And that’s all for the moment, see you soon!

  • Posted by Julie
  • On January 16, 2015
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RS Geiger
Greetings, I have been trying to get a hold of your team for a few weeks now without an answer. I was a kickstarter backer and I was waiting for the GOG version to come out before jumping in. I have not used my steam key. Is your team considering sending out GOG keys? Thanks for any answers you can provide. RS Geiger
@RS, did you ever hear anything back? I emailed them back in Nov 2014 and got a response saying Steam was the only way back then. I've noticed it's for sale on GOG now, but don't know how I'd convince GOG to let me download it. I'll be a GOG Key would do the trick, but I've never seen one. I just replied to info-at-numantiangames.com and hope to get an answer soon. If I get one, I'll try to remember to post it here.
I got my reply today. Someone at the info-at-numantiangames.com email address sent a GOG code to me. It's in the form of a URL and looks like this: https://www.gog.com/redeem/##########
ACTUALLY the link in the email I was send was actually a deceptive Google tracking link - the text of the link made it appear to be to GOG.com, but actually the link was: https://www.google.com/url?q=http://www.gog.com/redeem/##########&usd=2&usg=ALhdy29IRzwT-6I5gxOYIFwJ9AcJPZASPA I'm not sure if I copy/pasted the link-text or actually used that horrible Google link. Pretty insidious to include that kind of disguised tracking mess IMHO.
    Menorbriam [Numantian Games]
    Hi, About the link, sorry the link was wrong as it was pointing to a spread sheet. Don't click on it, simply copy the text (http://www.gog.com....) and paste it in the browser to go there and redeem the key.
I'm in the same boat as the previous posters. I have sent three emails over the past two months since the announcement, and no one at Numantian Games has responded in any fashion. I simply asked for a GoG key and used my backer account email as contact. This is very poor customer relations. Such poor communication practices are likely to poison any future attempts for Kickstarter projects when new backers find out how poorly previous backers are treated, and how unprofessional the organization is when it won't even respond to repeated emails after months.
    Menorbriam [Numantian Games]
    Hi, we have answered to all the GOG key petitions we have received. We received an email from sdloty@XXX three days ago and it was replayed yesterday with the GOG key. Haven't you received it?
What about Linux-Release at GOG ???? I bought that game there, but there are only WIN/MAC-Versions to download. And the WIN-Version of XULIMA doesn't work correctly with WINE. Please let us LINUX-Players not alone at GOG !!!

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