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Let’s talk a bit about the Physical Editions!

Before starting our crowdfunding campaign we were learning a lot from other projects and their authors. One of the most common advice was, “Avoid the physical rewards, their production and manufacture can be a nightmare!

And despite following all of the other advice which was very useful for us, we thought that physical editions for an old-school RPG with a wonderful map, bestiary book, and guide, was simply something mandatory. Even the team members dreamed of having a beautiful Lords of Xulima boxed edition in our hands. So yes, we included those rewards while we said, “Okay, no worries, we will deal with it in the future!

And the future is now…

So… I don’t have words to explain how difficult it has been dealing with all of this stuff. We have a big problem because of the number of units which is less than 400. Because of this we cannot contract a company to produce everything in mass, as the fixed costs are really big. Also 400 is too much for handling them on our own. And of course we want something really cool, not a cheap plastic box or a low quality printed bestiary book. We wanted something exclusive and unique for the backers.

We had to search for other solutions. We spent lots of days searching for the best way to handle this. Finally, we made an agreement with another company that specializes in this stuff for producing and shipping the physical editions.

So everything is OK now?

No, it isn’t. The problem with working with an external company is that everything gets delayed a lot with meetings, design tests, discussions…. and start again. We had prepared all the books for December but the production was delayed two months. After that, we have had to reformat the two books again with more than 200 pages…

And finally…

Everything seems to be right and we expect to start the production next week and the shipments in about ten days after that. We are very sorry about the delay. We have put a lot of effort in getting the best quality possible, so we really hope you like it. This is what includes:

  • DVD Box: Flap format which contains the DRM-Free version of the Deluxe Edition of Lords of Xulima for MAC and PC. (with version 1.7).
  • Printed Manual
  • Worldmap Poster: Full color and in a cool and big A2 format (420 × 594 mm or 16.5x 23.4inches)
  • Printed Game Guide: Full color, +200 pages.
  • Printed Bestiary and Mythology book: Hard covers, full color, +200 pages.

Here you have some images of the designs:

Lords of Xulima Boxed Edition

Lords of Xulima Boxed Edition

As soon as we have more info we will post a new update.

See you soon!

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  • On February 14, 2015
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