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Who we are?

Numantian Games is a small independent group of video games developers. It is located in Spain, but includes different professionals in several countries.

Currently, we are working on our first project, the role-playing game Lords of Xulima.

We love classic role-playing games like Ultima and the Might and Magic series. We really wanted to capture the magic and charm of old-school games, but add innovating game-play mechanisms as well as modern graphics and user interface. We specialize in 2D graphics, but also use the 3D capacities of the current graphics cards in order to create the beautiful and detailed  graphics.

At Numantian Games we are very excited about our first game. Lords of Xulima is expected to be released November 14th, 2014, with Steam Early Access prior to launch.

Lords of Xulima will be released first for PC, then for MAC and Linux and then for consoles and perhaps in the future for tablets.