To install these mods: download from the selection below, unzip the folder, and copy into you Mod game folder.

You can locate this folder at: (Documents\My Games\Lords of Xulima\Mods)



Lords of Xulima no encounter mod

No Random Encounters

Developed by: Numantian Games

There are no more random encounters in Xulima. You only have to combat with the static guardians and bosses which makes the game much more shorter and faster to finish. But this doesn’t mean that the game is now much easier, indeed now it is even more difficult. Plan very well every combat as you don’t have the option now to grind from more levels or gold triggering random encounters so you can get stuck easily.

The only random encounters remaining are these special ones; The Cursed Hounds, and the Cursed Earth Guardian in the Temple of Febret. Both of them are necessary for the story / gameplay so they are kept as before.

Download No Random Encounters Mod


Streamlined Lords of Xulima modStreamlined

Developed by: Valadurs Erbe

Lords of Xulima confronts the player with a bit of a rocky start. Many first-time players are confused by the amount of mechanics and the punishing nature of the game (hello critical fails!). Streamlined smoothens out the curve by making the first few hours a bit more forgiving. Additionally, mechanics that encouraged weird (and often boring) behaviour have been toned down. But this also means less exploiting of game mechanics to make the late-game trivial, so beware! View Streamlined stats here.

Download Streamlined Mod


deepest-darkDeepest Dark

Developed by: Celerity

Warning: You must select Hardcore Ironman difficulty.

“Death comes for all. Some sooner than others. Do you fear the Dark mortal? No? Perhaps you should…”
An ominious howl, the crack of unnatural lightning, a pained scream. Silence.
The figure turns, burning eyes piercing your very soul as they spark with an unnatural green light.
“Can you challenge it?”  View complete Deepest Dark info here.

Download Deepest Dark


Hate Food Lords of Xulima modHate Food

Developed by: huffadopolis

Removed the food requirements from exploration/movement, and removed the penalties for running low on food.
You still have to purchase food, but it’s super cheap now and you can fill up to 100 days worth of food reserves at the food merchant.
Resting still costs food, I was unable to find a way to change that. Just stock up for cheap in town so you can rest as needed/wanted. Learn more here. 

Download Hate Food


gaulen-modGaulen of All Trades

Developed by: Hawk Zombie

Reduced the costs of his Explorer Only skills to 1 per skill level, and allowed him to train in every other available skill for the price the class with the lowest skill level cost pays. In this way, he won’t be skill-starved by training in the useful skills you want from the Explorer, but also gives a bit of freedom of character creation and evolution into something different. This also opens up party configurations that were otherwise unadvisable to create (one with no Cleric or Paladin, for instance). Learn more here. 

Download Gaulen of All Trades