What is the Game Media saying about Lords of Xulima?

Niche Gamer

“I highly recommend Lords of Xulima to any Wizardry or Might & Magic fans who feel that their desires haven’t been met in any recent major AAA releases…”

Diehard GameFan

“Numantian Games has created something with the look, feel and heart of an older rpg with many of the sensibilities of a modern one.”


“My first impression was almost entirely positive. The game’s art style is lovely, its musical score is great, and it just comes across as very polished in almost every respect…”


“The small Spanish team behind Xulima clearly played a lot of RPGs and carefully examined the mechanics behind each game, what worked, what could be different, and what they could offer […] As I invested myself, I was impressed. I can’t sum Xulima up in just a few words.”


“Several hours in, I was rather surprised to find that, firstly, several hours had passed, but secondly, that I was quite enjoying myself.”


“…huge and expressive works of love.”




“Avec des moyens plutôt modestes obtenus sur Kickstarter, Lords of Xulima se montre généreux et les développeurs sont en passe de réussir un joli défi, surtout pour tout joueur qui aiment la gestion de groupe. “


“A exploração é a parte mais atraente do jogo – os cenários são sublimes, lindas paisagens desenhadas cheias de atenção ao detalhe, recheadas de pequenas animações, e masmorras cheias de segredos. Segredos a sério – se alguém do nosso grupo detecta uma passagem secreta, abri-la não é só carregar na mesma.”

What about the community?


Let’s Plays:


Player Reviews:

“Wonderfully fun, incredibly challenging.”

“I’ll try keep it short and sweet. Looking for an ‘oldschool’ rpg to scratch the itch? This is probably the game for you…”

every won battle is rewarding, every pack of gold is put to use, every free mushroom that you find is like a little treasure.”

“I think the price is too low (ha-ha) :-)”

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